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Introducing an article by Mr. Ito, a seminar lecturer for human resource development in the With Corona era.

This time, we will talk about the 4th Digital Human Resource Development.
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・ Changes due to the new coronavirus
・ Teaching materials / learning methods
・ Training process management

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It is also related to the content of the “With Corona Era Human Resources Development Seminar-Recommendations for Human Resources Development DX” that was held the other day, and this seminar will explain this point in more depth.

From here on, it’s a personal impression, but regarding the changes caused by the new coronavirus,
It is no exaggeration to say that 2020 is almost all about this point.

I think that it had various influences on the macro as an impact that it really happens once every 100 years.

Even if you just think of it, various shocking events such as a state of emergency, a postponement of the Olympic Games, a change of primeminister, economic stagnation, changes in working styles, and an increaeing of suicides are occurring in quick succession.

In order to overcome this difficulty, innovation in various fields is required regardless of genre.

Corporate HRM is no exception, and not only teaching materials and learning methods, but also training process management will be the target of innovation. In that case, digitization will be the key point.

The seminar introduces this point in detail.
The schedule for the next seminar has not been decided, but if you wish, we can explain it individually, so please contact us.

In addition, our company is crisp! Learning is a human resource development DX tool that realizes these digital human resource development.
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