Smart Compass Experience 1st ~ Meeting at Omotesando ~


Today, I will introduce Smart Compass experience.

I always have a smart compass because of my no sense of direction.

Last week, I went to a company in Omotesando at a meeting. Omotesando is a long time.

When I go up to the ground from the subway / Hanzomon line, I do not know which way to go from here.

So smart compass! When you enter an address by smartphone apps, it will point the direction at once.


Route seems quite easy.

Well, let’s go in the direction of the arrow.

And at the moment I took out the smart compass, “I see! Let’s see the landscape!”

So, while looking at the local area, I look around the area to enjoy the scenery.

Was there such a place? Let’s eat here for lunch.

The bar looks good here. I want to go out at night.

People are beginning to line up with this buckwheat store. Is it a famous store?

Lunch may be good here.

Looking towards the main street, there are temples in the building group. To an unexpected place.

While I was doing it, I  arrived.

It was a short time, but I had a new discovery and fun!