Smart Compass Experience 2nd ~ Walk at Kichijoji ~

We had the plan to meet the person at Kichijoji Station, but took a walk aimlessly today to Inokashirakoen using Smart Compass (our nice product!) as we became vacant a little until the plan and had time!


I just left for Kichijoji station.
Go out the ticket gate, and first stop to set the destination.

All I have to do is to put my smartphone into a bag and walk just like the arrow with the smart compass.
It’s easy even though

There were many unique shops and cafes around the park.
When I come on a date, I hang around this area and catch a cauf-cuff and enjoy it (I’m alone so I’m walking in quickly.)

And it’s about a ten-minute walk to the park.

The display of smart compass has also changed!



The park was dried out of the water. They said to be frail.
So there wasn’t any water in the pond, but I was lucky to see such a strange sight!
(It seems that on Japanese television recently, a program to remove water from the pond seems to be in fashion, but the Inokashira Park has been doing it regularly since a long time ago, so it has become a study.)

In addition, even broadcast of the hall was announced saying “please stop as walk smartphone was dangerous”. Walk smartphone becomes the problem in this park.

When I go around the pond, I’m healed, so go back to the station. The smart compass is also resettled.


〜Go back〜

However, it was not interesting to go back the way I came, so I went to a path where there was a behind-the-scenes person!
Smart compass allows you to check the direction of the station anytime, so don’t hesitate to go to the sidewalk!

Then. . .

I found a fun-looking can ban!
“casual ghost’s pub” …?
(What do you say? Ghost? casual ghost?)

Next time, I will come to solve the riddle by making plans!

Although it is a convenient time to search various spots on the Internet, I feel that the spot I find with my foot and eyes is more memorable and different.
This might be the beauty of the street.

It’s about time to get to the station.

And arrive at Kichijoji station without any problem.
It was about an hour late, but I really enjoyed it!

Inokashira Park, cherry blossoms will bloom this month and many people will have arrived.
I can’t wait for cherry blossom viewing, but I recommend you just visit the atmosphere before the crowd! It really healed me~.

That’s it!