Smart Compass Experience 3nd ~ Walk from Ebisu to Daikanyama ~

Hello. It is a gourmet in YEAAH.
The other day,I  watched TV TOKYO ‘s program “There is a car?”.
The part of that, “The supermarket gurus! Recommend shop tour” introduced a popular frozen food specialty supermarket with French cuisine in Daikanyama.
I thought I had to check this.
I walked from Ebisu and went to that supermarketusing smart compass!
(※ It is within walking distance from Ebisu to Daikanyama.)

The TV program was over at 18:30.
Outside was completely dark, but I went to Ebisu soon.
I started from the station!

Speaking of Shibuya, it is in front of Hachiko, but Ebisu stated what Ebisu was like!
First of all, greetings to Ebisu, as it seems to be powerful as well as good auspicious!
When setting the destination, the smart compass arrows,
Since I was in the Ebisu station front street shopping district, I will head there ~ ♪

It came before the Ebisu station road street shopping street.
An arrow pointing diagonally to the right, I will walk straight a little more.
I wonder if there is something?

There was a stylish food court of Ebisu!
The top is like a recent Brazilian restaurant. Something glittering is not it ~ ♪
I’m about to cross the right crosswalk soon.

The arrow of the smart compass pointed straight.
Following the arrows walking straight ahead along the boulevard, a nice smell of coffee came.
It looks like a coffee shop in the home. A stylish cake shop next to that.

After going further straight a menu signboard of Yakiniku and Shabu Shabuya came out.
I saw an Italian restaurant that looks good in atmosphere beyond the street.
I come to be suddenly hungry.
(As I looked back later, this shop seems to be a famous Italian in the Ebisu neighborhood that lasts over 40 years.)

Smart Compass shows the arrow to go straight down the alley.
OK, I agree about that.
Go straight ahead.

Arrived at Daikanyama station, arrows switched to continuous display.
It means that I am coming near the destination.
That has an arrow pointing to go straight ahead on the alley on the left.
Really this one? There seems to be no such thing as super.

Following the arrows, at the building in front of the road
The display of the smart compass has changed to a sign of arrival at the destination.
Yay! I’m arriving at your supermarket.

It is a supermarket specialized in frozen food called “Picard (Piccard)”.
It won the French favorite food brand No.1 for 7 consecutive years
I got a shop clerk’s permission and photographed a little inside the shop.
It has so stylishly decorated interior !

IPurchased French home cooking food of ground beef and pizza, the other 3 items such as desserts!
It was a French feeling that night.
Trevia ~ ♪