Smart Compass Experience 5th ~ Walk at Akihabara ~

I am a technical staff of YEAAH.
The other day, I went to Akihabara to procure parts under development.
I used “Smart Compass” so I will tell you the experience!

〜Depart from the station〜

I’m excited to be in Akihabara for the first time in a while.
I am leaving from JR Akihabara station.

Before the signboard just out of the station, those who seemed to be foreign tourists stared at the signboard.
I guess Japanese guidance is confusing and it is still hard to understand?
There are still many challenges for the Olympic Games.

〜First destination〜

Firstly Nishikawa Screw Store, Akizuki Electronic Commerce is a ROYAL road stores.
Just watching, as usual, will motivate creation.
(However, I forgot to take pictures…)

Well then, I will rework and I will move from here to Marutsu Store with “Smart Compass”.
Set the destination at once.

It’s patchy, then I would like to go with my smartphone in my bag.

〜Enjoy halfway through〜

Enjoying the scenery on the way is a feature of “Smart Compass”, so I would like to have fun too!
Since the cheap device was put in front of the junk shop immediately, I cut through the old guys and found the color. (Well I am also an old guy 🙂

Wireless Bluetooth earphone was sold for 1000 yen(about $10).
Really so cheap and okay? What? I was at a loss as to whether I should buy it for testing but this time I will see her off for a while.

Although the arrow is not shown, since it points to the other side of the main street, I will look for a crosswalk and cross over.

Oh, I went out on a street reminiscent of Akihabara some time ago.
The display of the arrow changed, so I arrived a little later.


Just arrive in front of Malt’s destination and arrive safely!
I was able to get the target parts safely.
I think that I will work on development as soon as I return.


I found a POP that I care about stores in the middle.

“Hmm, Transcend price down…What?”

“「OSAKO HANPANAITTE」 of the topic now !!!”

Akihabara seems to be sensitive to trends as well. Lol

By the way, soccer Japan delegation was safe, I was able to advance to the finals tournament, congratulations!
We also want to cheer against Belgium, somehow rubbing their eyes.
Ganbare Samurai Blue !!