Hello, my name is Keiji. I posted a blog after a long time.
There will be a lot of really difficult things happening this year.
Almost everyone needs to deal with various risks in the dark.

I would like to write about YEAAH, which is our starting point, because it is difficult to see various things.

I did it when the word “YEAAH” came to my mind! I thought. And I trembled. However, I couldn’t express in words why it was.

Looking back now, I feel that this is not just our company name, but that our significance of existence became clearer by constantly digging into its meaning. I will.

In order to express what this word is, I transcribe my past experience and explore this experience that is close to the experience of YEAAH.

As a result, we came to the definition of “YEAAH = an impactful experience in life.”

Right now, I’m talking about “a memory experience that runs like a running horse light at the moment of death,” but in reality, I feel that the keyword YEAAH has many aspects that cannot be expressed yet.

One of them is freedom.
The moment you reach the YEAAH experience, you are free from everything.
It happens equally regardless of race, nationality, gender, wealth, or even the attributes that bind the person.

YEAAH is a joy that all human beings on earth can get equally.

In our activities, we will continue to think about YEAAH and deeply dig into it so that we can spread YEAAH to the people of the world.

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