What is a good life for you?

Of course, We think that there are various opinions depending on times, environment and way of thinking.
Both of them may be correct answers, but on the contrary, there may be no correct answer.

However, we thought that it was a moment to finish my life, “Oh, it was good to be born.”

Then how do you think it was good to have been born?
We thought it was “a wonderful experience named memories”, which is said to revive like a runway light.

Occasionally there is something happy in everyday life.
At that time, everyone expresses in your own words “Come on!” “Did it!” “Ya!” “YEAH!”
However, We think that they will gradually forget over time.

The “YEAAH” we define is even bigger than them.

We defined YEAAH as “shocking experience, state that greatly changes personal values“.

It became the name “ YEAAH ” because it is a bigger experience than English “YEAH!”.

We think that there are not a few memories that you will never forget forever in your life.
We are convinced that life will be more wonderful if We can increase this experience more.
And if such experiences can be produced all over the world, will not the human race as a whole go better?

We are working with the goal of creating as many “YEAAH” experiences as possible on the earth.

YEAAH does not limit the field.
From the everyday life, you can always produce YEAAH in the place where people intervene, such as a music live, event, travel, sports, company, and organization.
At the moment, we are developing a mechanism and mechanism to provide YEAAH from the viewpoint of technology.

The definition of YEAAH may not be complete yet.
Through various research and activities, we will continue to work to make YEAAH more concrete and drop it in the market.
If you can agree, please do not hesitate to contact us in any way.
Together let’s change the world to the world full of YEAAH experience!

We sincerely wish for your continued interest and cooperation in the activities of YEAAH in the future.

~ YEAAH staff all together ~