Creating YEAAHs around the world

A YEAAH is a feeling or experience that changes the way you look at the world.





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What we do

Enjoy moving

We want to make moving around a fun experience.
Our starting point was the development of IoT devices, but we are currently focusing on the experience and developing a wider range of web services.
In addition, to contribute to the creation of local communities, we are also engaged in industry-academic collaboration and SDG-supporting companies.
Development of services to promote regional migration
Enjoy walking

We're developing a service that will make your walks more fun with amazing tricks.

Enjoy learning

LMS services for Human Resource Development DX

Enjoy growing up

At the age of 100 years of life, we are expected to learn for life.
If you enjoy learning and growing, your life will be richer.
We are developing an LMS service for small and medium-sized companies in order to promote DX so that they can enjoy their work.
We also offer consulting and various seminars specializing in human resource development DX.

Enjoy the "Entertainment

Entertainment is the great invention of mankind.
However, it is also a time when the way of being itself is changing with the changing times.
We are also developing apps and tools that use technology to help people enjoy entertainment in a timely manner.
YEAAH Cheer!
Enjoy the entertainment

We also develop apps and services for live performances and events in the entertainment field.