We are a start-up company called YEAAH.

A YEAAH is a feeling or experience that changes the way you look at the world.



Media information program “UstToday” used Smart Compass

“Smart Compass” was used at the annual event “Ust Today 24 hours a day walking” of the media information program “UstToday”!

We became API provider for “KDDI IoT cloud API Market”.

YEAAH became API provider of “KDDI IoT Cloud API Market” to promote the creation of new IoT service by making use of various APIs!

Information about Smart Compass

There was a news that an Android application including a malware named “Smart Compass” named &#822 …


Smart Compass Experience 5th ~ Walk at Akihabara ~

Hello! I am a technical staff of YEAAH. The other day, I went to Akihabara to procure parts under development. …

Smart Compass Experiences 4th ~ Special Edition: Daikanyama Sanpo with “Ayumin” ~

Hello! What a special edition today! Together with “Ayumin” ( @ yamashiro_ayumi ) who is actively …

Smart Compass Experience 3nd ~ Walk from Ebisu to Daikanyama ~

Hello. It is a gourmet in YEAAH. The other day,I  watched TV TOKYO ‘s program “There is a car?&#82 …


A palm-sized navigation device used in conjunction with your smartphone. Employs BLE technology for low energy consumption.
#2 YEAAH band
A wearable device that enhances people’s empathy. Prototype exhibited at the 2nd WEARABLE EXPO at Tokyo Big Sight.
#3 sticklight de YEAAH
A smartphone application that brightens up concerts, theme parks and other events through user participation.
#4 YEAAH App
Stores information about your own "YEAAH" experiences to match you up with better services. Also from YEAAH… We have other smartphone apps and IoT devices currently in development!
#5 Smart Compass
This service is currently only available in Japan. Please wait for a while!


Many media results such as Japanese TV etc. besides the following.

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