New sticklighting fun!

Sticklight de YEAAH

Create a colorful light show for your venue!

Let’s have a great time together!

Live music, karaoke, fireworks displays… The dark is the perfect canvas for light.
Use your phone’s light to get everyone excited together.
Sticklight de YEAAH is a smartphone app that helps you do just that.

Google Play で手に入れよう


Sticklight deYEAAH can be used immediately by simply opening the menu and selecting the mode of your choice.

No messy settings required!


Try different things and find your own way to enjoy!

Stepless by shake

When shaken, the color changes steplessly and seamlessly.

Random by shake

The color changes randomly with each shake.

Sync with others

Shake to display the same colors as a smartphone with the same settings. 6 colors are available to switch between. (Requires app installation and the same settings)

Stepless by auto

The screen color changes automatically and seamlessly without shaking.

Random by auto

The screen color changes automatically and randomly without shaking.

Chaos mode

It depends on what happens then...!!!! The screen color changes automatically and chaotically.

Cheer for Country mode

Shake to see country-specific flag logos and country screen colors. Available for a variety of events.

Various other settings such as fixed colors, shake logo changes, screen decorations, etc. can be configured. Please try it out.

Video of usage scenes

Stepless by shake
Sync with others

Precautions for use

  • This app can be used like a sticklight, but please make sure to attach an anti-drop device (strap, etc.) to your smartphone/tablet to prevent it from falling.
  • Please be careful not to swing it around without a strap, as it may cause injury to those around you and damage your smartphone.
  • Whether you shake it hard or lightly, the action does not change at all. Shake your smartphone gently while having fun with the people around you!
  • There may be slight differences in display content and response depending on the model. Please be aware of this in advance.
  • When using it at a concert or event, please be sure to ask the organizer for confirmation as it may interfere with the performance.
  • We are not responsible for any damages (whether primary or secondary) caused by using this app, so please understand and enjoy it safely.