It’s a simple palm-sized navigation device.
It guides you with its design like a glowing stone.


*This is a concept model and is not available for sale.

Once you set your destination using the dedicated smartphone app, the device’s built-in LED light will keep pointing to your destination.


All you have to do is to put your smartphone in your bag, glance at the device from time to time, and go in that direction to reach your destination while enjoying the scenery without feeling anxious. (Patented system and device)



〜We want to cherish the experience〜

The experience of visiting a place for the first time is a very important moment and memory that you will only have once in your life.

However, when you try to visit a place for the first time using a map application, it is not uncommon to find yourself looking at your phone and not remembering anything about the route or the surrounding scenery. It is also easy to become a walking smoker, which has become a social problem in recent years. We thought it would be a shame to miss out on the impressive scenery and valuable experiences that we would have otherwise witnessed.

With COMPASS STONE, you will be able to explore in a different way than with map apps.
Instead of looking down at the screen all the time, you can look up and enjoy the world around you. The design also fits perfectly in your hand, creating a sense of excitement.

The COMPASS STONE will turn various trips into adventures with you.

— Perhaps, just around the next corner, you will have a chance encounter that will stay with you for a lifetime.

〜Why stones?

Stones have a mysterious appeal. They have existed on the earth since ancient times and have been the object of various beliefs.

In Japanese mythology, the Yatagarasu is said to have guided Emperor Jinmu on his way. It is said that after he had completed his task, he transformed himself into a bird stone.

We thought we could create an even more wonderful experience by incorporating the mystique of the stone and the feeling of being comfortable in the hand.

Lighting patterns

Healing mode


2016.12.13  Exhibited on Kickstarter, the world’s largest crowdfunding site
2017.01.11  Introduced in the “Trend egg corner” of “World Business Satellite” by TV Tokyo.
2017.01.20  Article by ITMedia
2017.01.30  engadget Japan Edition did an interview and video article on our product.
2017.03.06  Introduced in the “Check the Brand New” corner of “Ohayo Asahi Desu” (Kansai area) on Asahi Broadcasting Corporation.
2017.03.10  Featured in Weekly ASCII Special Edition 2017 Spring Super Shopping Special Edition
2017.03.29  Introduced on TBS Radio’s “Ijuin Hikaru Torajito”.
2017.06.16  Introduced in “INOVATION WORLD” by J-Wave

Videos of the field test

#1 Yokosuka, JAPAN
#2 Thailand


As this is a concept model, it is not available for sale or commercialization, but if you are interested, please contact us via the contact page.