[:ja]この度、経済産業省が行うサービス等生産性向上IT導入支援事業において、「令和元年度補正・令和二年度補正(特別枠含む)サービス等生産性向上IT導入支援事業費補助金」 (IT導入補助金2020)のIT導入支援事業者に採択され、当社が提供するデジタル教育支援ツール「サクッと!ラーニング」が補助金対象のITツールとして採択されましたことをお知らせいたします。
詳しくはIT導入補助金Webサイト(経済産業省)をご覧ください。[:en]The Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) have decided to apply for the “FY 2019 supplemental services and 2020 supplemental services (including special quotas)” as part of the project to support the introduction of IT to improve productivity in services and other areas.
The company’s digital education support tool, “Sakutto!Learning” has been selected for a subsidy.
We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to take advantage of the IT introduction subsidy.
What are the IT introduction subsidies?
The IT introduction subsidy supports small- and medium-sized enterprises and small-scale businesses by partially subsidizing the cost of introducing IT tools tailored to their issues and needs, thereby helping them to improve their business efficiency and increase sales. The purpose of this program is to help companies recognize and analyze their strengths and weaknesses based on the company’s environment, and introduce IT tools tailored to the management issues and demands they have identified, with the aim of improving and reinforcing their management capabilities, such as improving operational efficiency and increasing sales. (quoted from the “Project Overview” on the “IT Subsidy 2020” website:
For more information, please visit the IT implementation subsidy website (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).[:]