A Pocket Navigator for Mindful People.

A simple navigation device that gets you from A to B while keeping you in the moment.
Explore the world differently.

Product Video(about 90sec)

What is Compass Stone?

Compass Stone is a simple, palm-sized navigation device that guides you using glowing lights.

Set your destination via the smartphone app, and its twelve LED lights will lead the way, meaning you can enjoy the scenery while you walk. (*Patented system and product.)


Traveling is so much easier when you’ve got a smartphone to guide you, but you can end up missing the bigger picture if you’re always looking at a screen. Compass Stone offers a different way to get around. It encourages you to look up, not down. Designed to fit snugly in your hand, Compass Stone turns each trip into an adventure ––– because you never know what moment of inspiration might be waiting around the next corner.


Twelve LED lights navigate you to your destination. A quick glance will show you the way.
When you’re not on the move, Compass Stone doubles up as a watch. The steadily illuminated light represents the hour hand of a clock, while the blinking light indicates the minute.


Compass Stone shows you the way using LED lights controlled by a sophisticated navigation algorithm. The lights respond quickly to changes in direction and are clearly visible even under bright sunlight. What’s more, Compass Stone’s energy-efficient design ensures that you can keep going all day long.


Compass Stone features a groundbreaking navigation system that could become a key technology in wearable devices in the future.
Named after a three-legged crow that appears in an ancient Japanese tale, the YATAGARASU algorithm calculates the direction to a goal based on the alignment of the device.
After setting a destination while connected to a Wi-Fi or mobile network, the device can keep navigating you there by itself, even if you don’t have a mobile signal or Wi-Fi connection. No location is too remote.


We wanted to make a navigation device that was both distinctive and highly portable, so giving Compass Stone an egg-like shape was a natural decision. The light-emitting grooves on its curved surface are easier to read than a flat display, meaning it will always give you a clear sense of direction as you walk.
Compass Stone combines sophisticated technology with a sense of mystery. Hold it in your palm and its center ring and twelve radial grooves start to glow, leading you to a new adventure – like the Levitation Stone in Castle in the Sky.


Dimensions: 32×60×48 mm
Weight: 40 g
Light component: 12+1 LEDs
Working temperature: 23 to 113°F (-5 to 45ºC)
Battery: 110 mAh

How to GET

Compass Stone is under development for Mass production.
Please contact us if you want to know the progress of development and more.

Before, we challenged Kickstarter but could not raise funds at that time.
Sorry for our all supporters, but we will never give up.
We will continue to develop this product, and deliver the latest information on SNS and our web site.
so please check it out.

Our Kick starter project page is here.