Smart Compass

Smart Compass is a simple smartphone app that uses arrows to point you in the direction of your destination.
It can be used in conjunction with a dedicated navigation device for even greater convenience.
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How to use
*All functions can be used by the app alone.


Smart Compass can be used in combination with a smartphone app and a dedicated device.
Of course, you can also use the smartphone app only.
Smart Compass Apps(iOS/Android)
Quickly set your destination

When you launch the app, a map is immediately displayed, and you can set your destination with just one tap according to where you want to go. It also supports neighborhood search, so you can quickly set where you want to go anyway!

Arrow navigation mode

With the arrow navigation mode, which shows you the direction of your destination instantly, you'll never get lost again! Of course, you can also switch to the normal map display navigation mode.

multilingual support

Since it supports multiple languages, for example, inbound customers can use it right away. Currently, it is available in Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese (traditional/simplified), Thai, and Russian.

Destination list

It also supports destination lists that combine multiple destinations. The destination list is useful for sightseeing and facility guidance as it allows you to visit destinations in order. List creation requires a separate contract.

QR code support

You can download a variety of destination lists by scanning a special QR code! The lists are private unless you know the QR code, so you can use them for closed events.

Detailed information

When you create a destination list, you can set your own information and URL links, so you can set detailed information about the location. The application can also be used for stamp rallies and quizzes.

Smart Compass Device
Directional guidance by light

A 5x5 LED matrix points you in the direction of your destination. Just head in the direction of the arrow. No more worrying about which way to go.

Remaining distance display

Depending on the arrow pattern, you can see how far away your destination is.

Low power consumption, battery operated

Two AAA batteries will last for several weeks to several months. And even if the batteries do run out, they can be quickly restored with commercially available AAA batteries! No need to worry about forgetting to charge the battery like with lithium batteries.

BLE support

It connects to your smartphone via BLE, so once paired, it is ready to use.

Simple chassis design

It has a simple, minimalist design with only a power button, making it intuitive and easy for anyone to use.


For example, you can attach a design sheet to the case, or attach it to your bicycle to use it as a bicycle navigation system. You can freely customize it according to your purpose.


When you visit a place for the first time, you will encounter a variety of things.
The bustle of people in the city, stores you have seen in magazines or on TV, grocery stores with a good atmosphere, historical sites, a spectacular view from the side of the road, a pleasant breeze, the scent of plants, the appearance of unexpected animals, and even scenery you have seen before.
By exploring a little bit along the way as if it were a role-playing game, you may encounter unexpected scenery and be fascinated by it. Forgotten feelings and memories may come flooding back.
At the end of the day, you may be a slightly different person. And the wonderful scenery will be etched in your memory as an irreplaceable place.
We call such life-changing and unexpected experiences "YEAAH". Smart Compass is a device that creates opportunities for YEAAH experiences.

The feature theme is "Wolfsbane". This is a new type of navigation where you walk towards the smoke rising up like wolfsbane. It does not give detailed directions on the route, but only shows the goal, so you are free to choose your own path along the way.
The design theme is "80's". The exterior of the device has a taste of the small Japanese electronic devices and game consoles that swept the world in the '80s, while the operation of the device feels like a radar that tells you the location of a wish-granting ball in a popular shonen manga of the time.
With Smart Compass, you can enjoy the excitement of exploring and enjoying the scenery.

Example of usage

  • For city walking events
  • To guide you through the facility
  • Corporate Customization

For city walking events

Famous sightseeing spots are fun, but there are always highlights in any city. An event where you can trace those areas like a game is sure to be a lot of fun! By visiting places that are not listed in guidebooks and learning about their history, you can deepen your understanding of the area.

For guidance in large facilities

If you have a university, a park, a theme park, or any other large facility, don't you tend to get lost because there are many things that cannot be searched even with a map application? For example, you can use it to tour the history of the campus like a game at a university open campus, or use it for a stamp rally event with a quiz at a large park. With the application, the number of staff can be minimized and the operation can be avoided.

Corporate customization

By customizing the application, you can add quiz (puzzle solving) and stamp rally functions. Since the app can be customized for specific events, various ideas can be introduced. You can also change the look and feel of the device by using a design sheet. You can match the design to the event, or add your company logo and use it as an advertisement.

Smart Compass Experience Report
〜Strolling around Daikanyama with Ayumin〜

Former Youtuber and Omiya Ardija mascot Ayumin (@yamashiro_ayumi), who is also active as the mascot sister of Omiya Ardija, took us for a stroll around Daikanyama using Smart Compass!

Sample QR Codes

Here is a QR code for a sample that can be read on the course screen. Please try to read it from the app.
We can also create and customize your own courses, so please contact us for more information!

Asakusa Classic Tourism

Akihabara Classic Tourism

Apps Download

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About Device

Product Specifications

Size 61×19×105mm
Weight 100 g
Light components 5×5 LEDs(Red)
Operating temperature -5℃ 〜 45℃
Power supply 2 x AAA batteries
Other Flame retardant ABS resin used

How to get

*No longer available for sale to the general public.
Asagiri Tasogare

How to use

Please refer to the Smart Compass support page for initial setup, frequently asked questions, and other useful information.

If you have any questions, please contact us via the contact page.