Let's enjoy REAL world like a game!

〜Let's raise our face. A wonderful landscape spreads in front of you〜

What is “Smart Compass”?

“Smart Compass” is a simple navigation device that points in the DIRECTION of the target with the light arrow.
It works with the dedicated smartphone(iOS/Android) app.


Guide to direction by light
5x5's LED matrix points point the direction to the destination. Just turn the arrow in the direction, "Which way should I go?",The fear becomes zero.
Approximately the remaining distance
By the pattern of arrows, you can see the distance to the destination.
Low-consumption, Battery-drived
Two AAAA batteries are enough to operate for several weeks to several months. Even if the batteries run out, if there's a commercial AAAA battery, it'll be revived soon! There are no operational problems such as failure to charge it during an event.
Simple design
It is possible to combine with the various design because of its minimum simple form and display. For example, a sheet is attached to the case, a stuffed animal is put in, and a bicycle can be mounted on it to navigate.You can customize your purposes.
Special Smartphone application
The special smartphone applications(iOS/Android) allows the simple operation to set destinations and manage point datas.


Product concept
There are various meetings where you go for the first time. The bustling crowds of the towns, the stores that you might have seen on magazines and television, the fancy-looking generals, historic historic historic sites, the unseen scene, the pleasant breezes, the scents of plants, the appearance of an unexpected animal, and the scene of the scene. By exploring a little way like a role-playing game, you will come across an unexpected scene and catch your heart. The emotions and memories that you forgot were going around. You may be a little different after that day. and the wonderful landscape will be carved as a precious memory. We call the "YEAAH" the unexpected experience that can change a life like that. "Smart Compass" is a device for triggering the "YEAAH" experience.
Themes of Functions and Design
The theme of the function is "Wolf Smoke". This is a new type of navigation to walk toward smoke that looks like owls. You can choose the way you want to go without giving detailed instructions to the goal. The design theme is "Eighties". In the 80's, the appearance of the home was like a radar to teach children about the Japanese small-sized electronic devices and game machines, and in their movements, the ball was a place where they wanted to be played by popular young people. Enjoy the view together with "Smart Compass". & nbsp;

Example of Use

Let us give you some examples of the main usage scene.
Also, how to use it depends on your idea!

On a trip

It’s a long trip, but it’s such a waste not to have a map and a tortoise! If you use the SamartCompass, you can point right away from the station or the terminal to the recommended destination, so you can have effective information that doesn’t depend on language even on those from overseas (for inbounds).

For a walk from hotel/facility

You used to go for a walk around the hotel, and you’re not familiar with it. If you prepare in advance, you can immediately deduce the right direction. Also, this item is perfect for a hotel-based event such as a Stamp Rally.

on the inside view of real estate

It is not easy to direct customers to various places such as in-house real estate for rent. And the atmosphere around the property is also important. You can guide the whole line to the intended object by using this SmartCompass at such times. In addition, it is possible to use at exhibitions and other events such as concerts on the premises such as Stamp Layer or Quiz Games.

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Dedicated Apps

Both iOS and Android version are open!
Please download free apps!

AppStoreで入手 Google Play で手に入れよう

Product specifications

Size: 61 x 19 x 105 mm
Weight: 100 g
Light Corporation: 5×5 LEDs(Red)
Molecular temperature: -5°C to 45°C
Power supplies: AAAA cell x 2
Other: Uses flame-retardant ABS oil


Sorry, this device is currently only available in Japan.
If you want, please ask from our Contact form.

How to use

For information on usage, see the Smart Compass support page.

How to get

Sorry, this device is currently only available in Japan.
If you want, please ask from our Contact form.

Smart Compass
(Asagiri [ライトグレー])

Smart Compass
(Tasogare [ダークグレー])