Legal notice

  • This equipment has acquired the conformity or certification of the radio laws of each country and region. You may be punished if you use it in an area that does not conform to the Radio Law or certification.
  • By air law of each country, use in aircraft is restricted. Please follow the instructions of the airline.

Safety Precautions

  • Please follow the instructions of hospitals and airlines in hospitals and aircraft. Electromagnetic waves from this unit will affect the instruments and cause accidents.
  • Do not use near high precision electronic equipment or electronic equipment handling weak signals. The electronic equipment may have an effect such as malfunction, causing accidents.
  • If you are using pacemakers etc., please use this machine away from the chest. Magnetic force may be exerted on pacemakers and others. If you feel any abnormality, please immediately release the machine from the body and consult a doctor.

Product Info

About size

The size of Smart Compass is as follows.
Vertical: 105 mm
Horizontal: 61 mm
Thickness: 19 mm

Technical certification

Smart Compass uses the module that acquired radio wave law certification number 018-170172.