We started a hands-on tour of Smart Compass in Osaka!

Good news for those in the Osaka area!
* Sorry for people not in Kansai, please go to Osaka 🙂

From 9/5 (Wed) – 9/25 (Tue), Walking tour using the Smart Compass will be carried out!
It is sponsored by Area Venture ‘Z (Area Ventures) of Osaka·Shinsaibashi, who deeply handles only “amazing” products and services created by domestically promising venture enterprises.

This tour will be a hands-on tour to find the treasure shop in Shinsaibashi, Namba, and Horie area together with the staff. In recent years, it is a great honor to be able to hold an experienced tour using Smart Compass in Osaka, which is the most popular among foreign tourists, and We are frankly happy!

The content is not a normal tour, it is content which you can enjoy the core Osaka which is not on the guidebook. Also, because the staff can accompany you, you can customize the course so everyone can enjoy it without disappointment!
If you live in Osaka or go sightseeing, please go to Area Ventures!

Click here for details (Jalan Page)