“Sakutto! Learning” was featured in a feature article in Japan’s Human Resources Department.

We are pleased to announce that our human resource development DX service, “Sakutto! Learning” was featured in an article on “Japan’s Human Resources Department”, the largest HR (Human Resources) network site in Japan.

“Japan’s HR Department” is the largest HR network site in Japan, connecting business people across the country, including managers, HR professionals, and executives, with companies that provide HR-related services and solutions, and providing them with high-quality information.

In a special feature article titled “Trends and How to Choose a Learning Management System (LMS): Recent Trends, How to Choose, and Service Comparison”, “Sakutto! Learning” was introduced as one of the many LMSs.

We look forward to continuing to work with you on the best service for human resource development DX, “Sakutto! Learning”, the best service for human resource development.

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