「KDDI IoTクラウド API Market」のAPIプロバイダーになりました

[:ja]KDDI様が2018年1月30日より開始された、多様なAPIを活用することで新たなIoTサービスの創出を促進する「KDDI IoTクラウド API Market」のAPIプロバイダーになりましたのでお知らせ致します。
KDDI IoTクラウド API Marketページはこちら
KDDI様ニュースリリースはこちら[:en]We are pleased to inform you that YEAAH became an API provider of “KDDI IoT Cloud API Market” to promote the creation of new IoT services by utilizing diverse APIs started from January 30, 2018.
As YEAAH, we are planning to provide “Behavior Characteristic Data Providing API” which analyzes usage of compass devices provided to users and provides behavioral characteristics of each user as data. The actual offering is expected to be a while ahead, but we believe we can create synergies with our compass business.
Since many other APIs are also starting or scheduled to be offered by other companies, I hope you also see them and find it useful for new business.
KDDI IoT cloud API Market is here.
KDDI’s News release is here.[:]